The Social Media Conference for Substance Prevention fuses trends and tactics with technology and the truth about substance use from varying perspectives.

This conference is designed to teach prevention leaders, advocates, and coalition leaders how to engage audiences and yield community change using digital platforms.

Next Conference – St. Petersburg, FL

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital
(501 6th Avenue, St. Petersburg, FL)

Cost:  $90/person, includes lunch

This one-day mini-conference will cover the following:

  • Effective Prevention Messaging: What sort of language and framework should we be using on social media?  What words and language are proven to be effective tools to communicate prevention messaging in communities?
  • Social Media Trends: What is going on in the world of social media, and how does that directly impact prevention work.  What is “the other side” doing, and how we combat the pervasive culture of anti-drug prevention messaging even with a small budget.
  • Content Creation Calendar and Management: We will break into small groups (either by organization or by type of work depending on how the large group shakes out) and teach you how to build an actual content calendar.  We will share some tips about how to organize your content into themes so that your social media messaging is comprehensive and based on the mission of your organization.  This will provide the greatest impact.  We will also share some basic content management and scheduling tools that will make managing all this stuff easier and more efficient.
  • Get Found! We teach some pretty cool stuff related to how the social media algorithms work, so that when we actually make a post or share a story, we can optimize it so that people see it.  Frequently, community leaders put together a really great message and a really great campaign, but without understanding how to optimize it so people see it, it turns out to be ineffective at influencing change.  We teach some pretty cool tricks that can be implemented immediately to optimize messages using what we know about the algorithms behind each social media platform.
  • Twitter, Instagram, Etc. We can tailor these sections based on the level of comfort you and your community members have with each of these.  For example, we can do Twitter/Instagram 101 and literally show people how to set up an account and actually how to use it.  If your people are already more advanced than that (i.e already using one or the other) we can do some pretty cool stuff about how to integrate your conversations and messages into trending topics, how to use #hashtags effectively, and how to frame conversations.  We also talk about mentions and how to cross-promote all the messages your community partners are doing.  We could also do both – we could split the room into two groups (1 for people who need the intro session and 1 for people who need the advanced section).
  • Graphics and Design: We’ll share some pretty cool graphic and design tools so that any of you can design your own materials that will be totally effective, without needing to actually hire a designer.
  • Podcasts and Apps: We can highlight some tools that will help you to develop podcasts and even mobile apps.
  • Case Studies of Effective Campaigns: We will highlight a couple very effective social media campaigns, and will analyze the process of how and why those were effective at creating community action and community change.